CE is a project focused on developing pieces based on artistic and artisanal budgets that have a functional and iconic value in a process that gathers influences derived from tradition, the relationship of belonging with nature and the fire that burns from combustion produced by the search for shelter and social escapism.

CE was founded in 2012 as a brick and mortar store inspired by the new outdoor sensitivity. There you could find goods to enjoy outdoor life collected under the standard of good desing and quality. Those goods was mixed with own products developed in the CE workshop.

After closing the store in 2017 the project continued on this ocassion only to the creation of a personal proposal while working in organic farming.

Nowadays classic CE goods and new ideas to develop take up all my time. 

Here you cand find a selection of classic CE items shaped in a small workshop in the northwest coast of Spain rounded by beautiful beaches and forests that allways works as the best inspiration.

All the pieces are produced by one man solo as a way to grant adequate time to each design under a " POCO A POCO " philosophy of production.